Sep 28, 2010

The meme of the floating arrow

The advent of real-time location tracking in the digital age has created a new concept, or meme, which I'm going to call the floating arrow.

For the vast majority of Burning Man participants without RVs or generators it's a very analog week.

Does that mean you have to leave the floating arrow at home with all your gadgets?

What if that arrow could follow me around the playa in an effortless fashion?

It's meant to be instantly recognizable and hilarious in it's simplicity. I may call it the floating arrow but I'm curious what names other playa residents will assign to the concept.

And of course the arrow would be lit with el-wire at night for maximum fabulousness and to prevent my ass from getting run over by an art car.

Everything in white is PVC so the only tricky part is finding a welder to fabricate some brackets on to the back of my bike that I can bolt the PVC to.


  1. Alternative name: I AM HERE (at least that's what occurred to me.

    You might consider modifying the design slightly so that you can put a large (golf-style sized) umbrella into one of the PVC pipes for a little afternoon shade. I saw a couple people this year with that configuration. (And one I'm definitely going to emulate at future Burns.)

  2. Also consider how hard it will be to take off for those days that are too windy.

  3. Great idea. Would be even greater if you were not the only one. Are you a Second Lifer?

    For me, shade on my bike was secondary to a good hat and sun screen. But then I am mostly naked most of the time. Except at night.

    If you can use something other than PVC, I would. You can find some aluminum pipes and angles at Home Despot. Easy to work with, cut with circular saw, etc. Bolt on or use gear clamps. Then the arrow could be foam core or coroplast. Coroplast has the benefit of the couragates that let you feed the EL wire through them for some rad lighting. What scale are you thinking?

  4. I agree. PVC may not hold that wooden arrow, too heavy, or consider the coroplast suggestion. also, I'd put holes in it or make the arrow out of a fabric covered frame w/ slits. It will be very tough to ride in the wind if the arrow is solid and that large. Look forward to seeing it in 2011!

  5. Great idea! Sounds like you're really bringing it, especially for a 'birgin.'

  6. I'd call it the Personal Cursor, which is IMHO both accurate and euphonious.

    I'll be watching for you this year!

    OK, one more thought: The wind there is pretty steady, so it might be cool to make a Sim cursor (the tall, faceted green polyhedron) that spins in the wind. With el-wire and shit. Ohh yessss.