Sep 30, 2010

The necessity of bikes

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In mid October my dad is coming to visit me here in Denver and on his drive back to LA I plan on sending my art bike back with him. That means my friends who may be going are also under a bit of a deadline to get their bikes in order in advance of the mid October shipping date since I really don't feel like tracking down Craigslist bikes for them during my limited visits home.

Step 1 is to first confirm with my friends they know what they're signing up for, I'll be screening Beyond Black Rock (easily the best BM documentary I've seen) for a couple of them Friday.

Then to impress the vast size of the event and thus need for a bike I've prepared some graphics to illustrate the huge size of the event. When all else fails just overlay over a map of central Denver. Two of our three residences appear on this map, a third is past the edge.

That should get some asses in gear.

1 comment:

  1. it can be done without a bike, but that really reduces the pinball effect... bouncing from one noisy glowy place to the next.