Sep 21, 2010

Now on Twitter

Things that don't necessarily deserve an entire blog post often end up as tweets. Just follow along or strike up a conversation. @VirginBurnerCO


  1. I checked you out when you started following me on Twitter. If you want some idea of what I went through in planning for BMan in 2009 I kept my blog at

    This year, my husband and I were having breakfast the Sunday before BMan opened and we joked about how we could still go. Monday morning we looked at each other and said, "We really could." On Wednesday we were biking around the Playa (this was only possible because we camp a LOT and I had a good list from the prior year to pack from...and that we live in the SF area).

    Anyway, enjoying your blog...and if I can be of help...drop me an email (lauriahart at gmail dot com)

  2. Hi
    Just started reading your blog and following you on Twitter.

    We did our first Burn in 2008, and only took 6 weeks to get it all together. So it can be done. But we also cut loose with the spendy stuff. On a budget, with more time, I could probably do it all for much less, and have as good a time.

    We stayed in Hushville because it has the same goals as us - self reliant, clean up after yourself, and keep it down a bit. We had a good time the first year, better time the second, and great time this year.

    If you need someone to bounce any ideas off, feel free.

    Strange Quark