Sep 17, 2010

Of chickens and parachutes

In the last post I'd explained my reasoning behind going with a 1V geodesic dome but didn't elaborate on how I'd be constructing it. There are many options including PVC pipe, steel electrical conduit and lastly wood. Since I'm on a budget and only have a radial saw and drill to work with I determined Stromberg's starplate system would be my best option. As an architect I'm familiar with Simpson strong ties which makes a 6 pointed connector but that product is both more expensive and harder to re-use than the Stromberg system.

A copy of Stromberg's catalog arrived with my starplate order and it's hilarious, I'm not really used to seeing living animals organized and sold like commodities.

Then I noticed I could have a dozen live geese shipped to my parents door. Oh that would be hilarious.

My dad has a thing with geese, whenever we're on vacation and visit a park or what not and there's geese around, they always make a b-line straight for him (and not in a happy welcoming way either). It's become somewhat of a running joke in the family.

In other news my 24' diameter T-10 surplus parachute arrived this week. I haven't taken it out of the box yet since I live in a tiny urban condo and haven't found a place where I can safely unfurl it yet. A friend of mine is dating a member of the Colorado Air National Guard who is serving as my parachute consultant and suggested unfurling/inspecting it indoors. When I get my hands on a space large enough I'll make sure and post photos.


  1. The parachute will NEVER pack as tightly again. Don't plan on using the same box for long term storage.

  2. Parachutes are designed to catch the wind. You may want to check out the community advice on the Burning Man website. There's a lot of great advice about shade structures there from people who've been doing it for a few years. Might be worth checking out.

  3. The parachute is being considered under the suggestion of this site but I have some epicly huge canvass drop-cloths from when I painted my condo that I'm also considering since they're heavier duty and easier to work with.