Oct 15, 2010

And the friends now have their bikes

My dad drives back to LA from his first ever Denver road trip today. Since our family always flies between LA and Denver this was our only opportunity to send our burner bikes back to LA with him (where my friends and I will be launching out BM trip from). My dad's road-trip this week put my friends under somewhat of a deadline, having but a few weeks to get junker bikes to send back with my dad.

And you know what, both my friends pulled through and delivered their bikes to my dad's van this evening!

Granted a $40 Craigslist bike almost a year out isn't a huge a commitment but it shows they're taking things seriously.

Here's the bike DannoDaze got:


  1. Amazing what you can find on Craigslist. I have a $120 tandem that my wife and I cannot ride together and stay together. So I am planning on hacking it into something of a playa art thing. Just need some creative juices... that would be wine... and it will morph into something.

  2. haha strangequark88, something with three or more wheels and is easier to balance perhaps?