Oct 7, 2010

The one thing I can't do myself is done

I'm ok with a saw and drill but I can't weld so finding a way for my steel bike to interface with the PVC I wished to decorate it with required the services of a local student welder.

Originally I'd proposed brackets the PVC was simply bolted to (pictured above) but the welder suggested an alternate design -- using a metal pipe that matched the inner diameter of the PVC. Here's a photo of the finished metal work and in the second shot you can see how a test piece of PVC slips over it.

Yes that's a teeny tiny door behind my bike in the hallway, my building is 80 years old so it has lots of weird features like that.

1 comment:

  1. Simple mods are the best. Good variation on what you were thinking. Be careful until you put the pipes on. Those prongs could be dangerous.