Dec 28, 2010

After a long quiet the dome rises

One of my main partners in crime recently ended a 5 year relationship so I was being a good friend and not talking about BM while he got his life back in order. Shortly before I left for Christmas vacation he brought up the subject on his own, indicating he's still good to go. That of course meant I could proceed with planned dome shade structure construction over the holidays. Here's my folks helping test that everything bolts together as planned. They're not going with me to BM but they're a great test crew since if they're able to build the dome then surely anyone with me on the playa will be able to handle the physical demands too.

It feels huge now but I realize that everything shrinks out on the playa. Still it will be perfect for our 3-4 people to lounge under.

Shortly after I took this photo I realized the roof section would be near impossible to put on with a mere step ladder so we disassembled it and re-built it starting first with the roof and building the walls up underneath it. Using 8' studs the peak of the dome will top out at 11'6".

Tomorrow my mum and I start the fabric roof cover.


  1. Hey, you are back! Wondered if this would be another of those good intensions blogs that never kept going. Glad to see you post again.

  2. Thanks, I linked in the photo from my twitter, is it showing up ok for all you kids?