Mar 2, 2011

The group sits down

The crew (all 3 of us) have our admission tickets already.

Tonight we sat down and worked out our travel schedule and booked our flights to/from California.

I'm having another one of those "wow, this is one step closer to happening" moments.

Sat Aug 27th - fly from Denver to LA (where my folks live)
Sun Aug 28th - prep day at my folks house or sightseeing round LA
Mon Aug 29th - drive from LA to Reno, stay in a hotel that night
Tues Aug 30 - enter the festival, camp in Hushville

[4 fabulous nights of burning]

Sat Sept 3 - after the man burns drive to Reno to avoid the exodus and stay in a hotel
Sun Sept 4 - drive back to LA
Mon Sept 5 [Labor day] - fly home from LA to Denver
Tues Sept 6 - return to our roles as unassuming members of society


  1. We will be set up the day before, and will sit in the shade drinking lemonade as we watch you set up... or help you out.. either works. We also leave early in the morning after the burn. A 16 hour drive gets us home with one day to unpack.

    Oh it is coming, I can feel it.

  2. FYI- lots of people leave right after the Man burns. It's not as bad as Sunday/Monday mornings, but it's potentially more dangerous as tired/drunk/high people get on the road after a long day of partying.

    If you're going to try it- I'd suggest packing up EVERYTHING before you head out to watch the man burn. Man falls down- basically RUN for your camp, jump in the car, get out. And watch carefully for drunk/high people!