Apr 30, 2011

Outfits begin!

I think it's Halcyon that says not to call them "costumes" since in costume you're dressing as something other than yourself.

Burning Man outfits are meant to be anything-goes representations of yourself and your aesthetic... I just have some pretty tight budget and talent constraints to work around.

First stop, Craigslist for a $30 sewing machine. It has two modes, forward and back. But it's totally idiot proof, runs smooth, silent and powerful compared to a plastic piece of crap machine a friend loaned me first that went nowhere.

For most of the thrift store items I'm working with I'll be making modifications of their outward appearance. The sole exception is this skirt which already visually complex enough I don't want to add any more to it. It's one of my longer skirts, that's so I'll have one for sun protection.

It's two sizes too large and combined with my guy figure it totally doesn't want to stay up so I added a liner for a drawstring. I dunno where the zipper was supposed to go originally but I'm saying it's a fly now.

Yes I did a pee test and the new zipper-as-fly works just great thank you very much.

First clothing item done!

1 comment:

  1. I picked up a USAF flight suit that will be the basis for a space suit. I will deck it out with EL wire and it should be good for the chilly nights out. I already have some frillies to throw on in the morning for the potty run, but will stop in at Sex Filth Avenue when I get to the Playa to get some more.

    What other outfits do you have in the works?