May 11, 2011

Getting a coat pattern with a hood

I'm pretty sure I'm going to use an Ilaniowear pattern (above) as the base for my jacket. Only problem is that Ilanio's male coat has a collar, not a hood, and I'm more of a hood kinda guy. However their super girly coat pattern has a hood:

So for a while I considered shelling out $300+ for a custom made coat cos I wanted a hood by gum!

There are a number of playa-coat companies out there and I'd like to compliment Wild On The Inside for making such a beautiful product at one of the more reasonable prices. (A local Denver based company is easily the most overpriced.) Wild On The Inside also has pretty spiffy presentation (image below) so if I had the cash I would totally order from them.

But back to my poor-man's coat. Fortunately as my day job I'm an architect so working with lines is kinda what I do. Tonight I loaded a male collar jacket and female hooded jacket into Illustrator and compared the two side by side to see what makes each unique and how I could adapt my male pattern.

Here's a link to the male pattern (yetti) and female pattern (fuzzy bunny).

Most likely this week I'll print out the patterns at a blueprint shop and make a test shell out of cheap fabric just to see how it fits on my body and if the adapted hood even works.

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  1. If you have the abs for it, I would go for the girly pattern.