May 1, 2011

A question for experienced burners

It's my understanding that at night the playa can still be roasting, or can drop to near freezing.

As a Coloradan I plan on bringing my ski socks, under-layer thermals, and even a high performance jacket to help combat a worst case cold scenario.

Now on to the fashion question... I've ordered 20 LED blinking keychains (like the picture) that I would like to attach to a single article of clothing.

My question to you is, what sort of lit-up clothing item might I assume I could always wear out at night regardless of the weather?

I was originally thinking along the bottom of a knee-high skirt? I couldn't see myself wearing that out if we're going to have cold nights.


  1. as someone who's been to 14 burns (so far!), i wouldn't say it's ever "roasting" on the playa at night. it ranges from perfect (70s) to snow temps, but in all fairness, it's only gotten cold enough for snow once in my memory. so, i'd say it's in the high 40s to 50s or so typically later at night. the open playa is also colder than in the city. a good idea at night is to wear leggings under whatever else you wear. long (faux) fur coats are playa fashion de rigeur, too, and you could put these lights on a long coat, too. the more you can light up at night, on all sides, the better!

  2. Fabulous, exactly the sort of clarification and advice I was looking for! Thank you.

  3. I have been to 3 burns so far. The last two, my evening attire had been my utilikilt and whatever i feel like on top. I have found that as long as my torso is warm, my legs are warm. Last year I used wife-beaters as my base layer, and on particularly cold nights used a lined plaid shirt, very grunge. This combo kept my kidneys warm, which was much for comfort. Since I always wear work socks and Blundstone style boots, I am usually pretty warm. And I can layer down when the dancing gets going. My biggest ego booster was when a couple of young guys commented that they liked my outfit when i was dancing in just boots and kilt at 4 am at the Duck Pond.

    I like your idea of the blinkies added to the hem of your skirt. Whatever you decide, be sure it is something that you can wear all night as your top layer.

  4. I think you could surround a cock ring and harness with those and wear it comfortably ever night at dusk - CRAZY GEORGE

  5. Hi- just ran across your blog while doing an image search. Congrats on your first Burning Man! I'm reading through your past posts right now. This will be my 8th burn. So lit-up things that are good for night are things like hats, vests, etc. Coats are sort of frustrating- some years it's cold enough for a heavy jacket, other years it's t-shirt weather until 3AM. Things not super dependent on weather are best, because going to the trouble of adding EL-wire to them is sort of a pain, and you want to be able to wear it!