Jul 15, 2011

Hushville placement rejected by BM org

Ugh. I'm very not happy with BM org at the moment, they have rejected Hushville's theme camp placement application. Hushville mind you has been in existence since 2001 and out of the blue BM org has declined to place us. Mush as Kidsville provides a refuge for those seeking a camp for their families, Hushville provides a refuge for those seeking a home away from the amplified noise of BRC.

Hushvillian leaders are appealing but pending that I suppose I'll be looking at other quiet places to camp like the walk-in zone.

Your thoughts on relatively quiet places to camp in BRC are appreciated.


  1. Bummer about the lack of placement. I am waiting to see a) if the lobbying to get Hushville placed works, b) seeing what Hushville does for a plan B, and finally c) working out our own plan B for the few of us that want to camp near each other (three clumps of us so far). I am thinking that I would look in the vicinity of other camps that have similar no noise no impact ideas, like Alternative Energy Zone.
    Not sure if you would look to Comfort and Joy, or the Down Low Club. Those may end up being noisy, nice to visit places, but not a good place to sleep.

  2. I can't imagine what you posted that got moderated by a blogspot admin. Must have been pretty, um, interesting.

  3. oh no that was just me, I'd posted a comment, then realized I was saying the same thing as the original post so I deleted it and for some reason it left that trail

  4. Well, problem solved. It happened like this a couple of years ago too, so I figured wait and see was the best strategy. I am thinking with the smaller size, we may camp across the F street from Hushville, and help alleviate some of the crowding. If enough of us do the same, it will be like an extension of Hushville.